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About company

SC “VSP-MIKRON” was founded in 2000 on the base of Crystalline manufacture Research-and-production Association "Electronics" which has been designing and manufacturing electronic components starting from 1959.

The plant is produce the following classes of products:

-    Sсhottky Diodes

-    Ultrafast Diodes

-    Bipolar products

-    ESD&EMI protection Devices and Filters

 SC “VSP-Mikron” today

Today SC “VSP-MIKRON” is modern high-technology research-and-production complex focusing on designing and manufacturing dice of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits in silicon wafers form.

SC “VSP-MIKRON” has two industrial lines provide release more than 18000 wafers with a diameter 4’’ and 5000 wafers with diameter 6’’ per month. In 2013-2014 years company is planning to increase in production capacity in order to double output.

SC “VSP-Mikron” pays particular attention to improving the design and production engineering of semiconductor devices. The company permanently updates the list of output production. The company has developed more than 50 new products of electronic engineering, developmental work to the tune of more than 3.4 million dollars USA was carried out only last two years.

Nowadays SC “VSP-MIKRON” manufactures:

- More than 35 types of IC power management units for aeronautical and space engineering, automotive and consumer electronics;

- More than 200 types of Schottky Diodes with If=0.5-100A, Vb=15-250V;

- More than 30 types of Fast Recovery Diodes, If=5-100A, Vb=400-4500V;

- More than 40 types of TVS Diodes and TVS Arrays, Ipp=2.0-28.0A, Vrrm=2.8-24V; Cj=0.3-300pF;

- More than 100 types of high-frequency, bipolar and CMOS transistors for domestic market.

Overseas business is a strategic direction of VSP-Mikron development. Nowadays its products are supplied to Germany, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines and USA.





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